Judging A Random Garbage Of Names

You will start reading this blog, is that your conscious decision?

Blog about randomness, chaos, determinism, and free will!

Yesterday, I decided to show an old blog of Technothlon to my friend and asked him to edit it. In one of the paragraphs, he removed the semicolon; it looks like he got two consecutive sentences. Gotta obey the…

March 15, 2020: 1825 hrs

We received the mail to leave the campus of IIT Guwahati, ASAP and return on March 30, 2020. This instruction did not age well, considering I am writing this still sitting at my home and missing my dearest friends and the campus. But this date…

I am no philosopher, no poet, no author. But with a tenacity I say — I am a reader. And so, being a reader, I feel these words -

“For some of us, books are as important as almost anything else on earth. What a miracle it is that out…

“Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving a good society.” — Robert J. Shiller

Finance in simple terms is the management of money and any other valuables which are equivalents…

“The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it to a nationwide communications network. We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people — as remarkable as the telephone.” — Steve Jobs

What comes to your mind when you think of sports? Probably fitness, exercise, endurance, fatigue, fun and you’d rarely end up getting a word science in the list.
Someone has rightly said-
The team that wins might be the best athletes, but they’ll certainly be the best scientists.

From cutting…


Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the students of IIT Guwahati. Technothlon began in 2004 with an aim to ‘Inspire Young Minds’

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