From the top — Abhay, Apurva, Paranjay, Ishan, Harsha and Shambhavi

Meet the Heads

The first edition of Technothlon — conducted in 2004, had a very humble beginning, with only 200 students participating from Guwahati. Since then, many teams Technothlon have worked tirelessly to make Technothlon what it is today. But, no team can work to its full potential without proper guidance. Hence, a bunch of enthusiastic sophomores are elected as heads each year to lead an equally enthusiastic team of freshers towards a common goal — an edition of Technothlon bigger and better than ever.

It is quite obvious that the path to this goal is not at all easy. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work right from the word GO. This blog is meant to give you a glimpse into the minds of the heads of Technothlon 2018 — Shambhavi Das (NORTH ZONE), Ishan Azad (WEST ZONE), Abhay Kshatriya (CENTRAL ZONE), Paranjay Bagga (EAST ZONE), K. Harsha Vardhan Reddy and Apurva N. Saraogi (SOUTH ZONE) by the means of a few questions. To help each one of you feel this blog in a better way here’s some additional information — Abhay (Questions Head), Apurva (Online head), Paranjay (Questions + Online Coordinator), Harsha (Public Relations Head), Shambhavi (Overall coordinator + L.E.D. head) and Ishan (Literary Head). So don’t be surprised, if you find Apurva’s answers slightly inclined to a technical side and my answers linguistically better than the rest 😜.

How does being the Head feel after a year of work as a core team member?

Shambhavi: The year of working as a core team member was a happy carefree time — the best possible way I could have used my first year. Being a head is vastly different from being a core team member; it’s like being thrown into in pool and being asked to learn how to swim on your own. It’s a little disorienting at first, you have your lows, and you inevitably fail at times, but in the end, things work out spectacularly and you come out a better person.

Abhay: Being the Head, I feel a little scared, wondering whether I’ll be able to keep up the tremendous legacy of Technothlon. But my Core Team’s dedication motivates me to surpass my limits.

Paranjay: So far, it has been a great experience being a Technothlon Head! But with a big position comes big responsibility. Earlier, we were allotted every small task by our Heads. But now, we are the allotters. The six of us have to manage everything: be it making of the question paper, managing the Website, smooth conduction of Prelims and Mains, contacting city representatives, conducting the team-meetings etc. But honestly this thrill, this pressure is very enjoyable. And with these five guys on my side, I feel that everything can be managed, no matter what.

What are the new things happening in Technothlon 2018?

Abhay: This year, we’re very glad to introduce the prize for the runner-up teams in both squads, it’s a trip to ISRO! We also plan to felicitate the city toppers with medals. There are several other things we’re working on that will make Technothlon bigger and better in the long run.

Shambhavi: We have a brand new 2nd prize, which is a guided trip to ISRO! We also are looking towards more international involvement! We hope to keep the kids on their toes with our paper and Mains events!

Ishan: I guess that every edition of Technothlon is a fresh one. The heads, the team, the scenario each year are entirely different. There is a completely new set of minds working on Technothlon. This makes Technothlon 2018 (or any edition of Technothlon for that matter) an entirely new experience for us as well as the students. Yeah, there’ve been some changes in the technicalities, the ones that my co-heads mentioned above, I’d rather say that entire Technothlon 2018 is new.

What do you think differentiates Technothlon from other exams happening in the country?

Abhay: There’s no exam like Technothlon, where students participate in a team of two, with no academic syllabus. It’s a platform where students get to practice and improve their logical thinking. Also, there’s no other exam with grand prizes as majestic as a trip to NASA (and ISRO).

Apurva: The difference lies in a simple word — LOGIC. Instead of testing kids on basis of academic knowledge, we simply judge them on the basis of their logical skills, because everyone doesn’t have same areas of academic interest, but everyone can be tested on their ability to use logic regardless of whatever he/she may be studying.

Harsha: Our primary motive in reaching out to a diverse set of the student community is to make sure that the students put up their thinking hats and start thinking on their own, irrespective of the academic and social biases which they face in the early stages of their schooling. I think this motive of us is clearly reflected in our question paper and in the events which students get to participate, when they land here in IIT Guwahati. I am pretty much optimistic about the fact that Technothlon would go on to inspire more and more children in the nation.

Ishan: Technothlon is the largest student-organized exam in the country. We have a very dedicated team of some of the brightest minds in the country working continuously to make Technothlon successful each year. To top it all, we have equally bright and immensely experienced mentors to guide us in our ventures. I guess, no other exam in the country has such an able team of ‘students’ working tirelessly to make the entire event a success.

What do you think, you’ve learned from your experience as the Technothlon head so far?

Apurva: Being a head of Technothlon taught me how to manage time properly. Being punctual and sincere towards your work is a must for a Head (or anyone from the team, for that matter). Apart from this I have definitely improved my communication and technical skills.

Harsha: The journey so far was a blend of emotions. I personally have learnt to manage a team, despite many difficulties. I am pretty sure that this skill set would become really handy in the coming future for myself personally.

Shambhavi: More than anything else, I have learnt a lot about people, and how everyone has their own strengths. Technothlon is a huge thing, and working to execute such a large event means you will experience a lot of things. I have learnt how to manage things, prioritize and accept differences. Being a head is stressful at times, but in the end, it is worth the stress after you see that you’ve put a smile of thousands of faces across the globe!

Paranjay: Personally, I feel that I have learnt to manage the Team members, the cityreps and ensure coordination among the six of us. I’ve learned many new things from the Online module and Question making process as well!

Your advice to the team and the upcoming generations.

Abhay: To the team: The journey of Technothlon is not easy, but at the end, all that’s left is satisfaction and memories. I hope that the future generations live up to their expectations (and beyond). Learn from your seniors’ mistakes and successes. Jai Techno!

Paranjay: They should try to introduce more new things in every edition of Technothlon according to the need of the generations! Technothlon gives the liberty to do anything that concerns the betterment of students and is very flexible in this regard! Only then it will become more and more interesting and would attract even greater audience in the future. Else it would saturate at some point. They should constantly work on our shortcomings and definitely not repeat any of those but instead work on removing them and making things better.

Shambhavi: My advice would be to accept Technothlon and always work towards making it bigger and better. Learn how to work in a team, it will be one of the biggest things you will learn while working for Technothlon. The heart and spirit of Technothlon lies within its student-driven teams, so never let that fire die out and always strive to make it burn brighter!

That’s it from the Heads.
More interesting blogs incoming.
Stay tuned!

Team Technothlon 2018



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Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the students of IIT Guwahati. Technothlon began in 2004 with an aim to ‘Inspire Young Minds’